Goals & Team Excellence

I am getting the very best results I and the other key stakeholders want
I am clear on the goals for the business
I feel totally equipped for the job in hand
The relationships that I have with my team are all that I need that I need to easily deliver
I never have sufficient time to complete the job
Key Leadership Team
The business operates largely independently of me
The leadership team can and regularly celebrate their many clear examples of success
All individuals in the team have written job descriptions and what the expectations from them are, they are reviewed regularly
Every member is operating at full potential
The team are motivated to support each other’s success as well as their own
Management and supervision
If asked the team would say they are fully equipped to support their roles
Sickness, absence & discipline are never a real problem
Individuals are fully accountable for their work and review this regularly with their line manager
Time spent in meetings is not wasted, it is focussed on the issues they can do together
The team are motivated to support each other’s successes as well as their own
The Whole Organisation
There is a clear and shared understanding about the organisations direction and the part everyone as individuals play
There are planned communication processes to regularly keep all in the organisation up to date with progress
We know everyone is fully motivated and energised for their work
People feel that they are listened to and encouraged to speak up to suggest improvements
The organisation encourages change and people embrace it willingly.

Process Excellence

We have a clear published 3 year plan for the business
We have clear view of our short term goals with 6 month & 12 month milestones
There is a positive, cohesive & understood operational plan for each part of the business
We have PIs & KPIs that are measured and clearly to be seen by everyone
The company has a mission statement that everyone can relate to
We listen to our customers in formal reviews to understand how our products and benefits assist them
We have a defined, repeatable lead generation processes which is monitored precisely.
Our service/product are not price driven and all customers fully understand the value of our offering
Our customers and our own teams have exactly the same perception of product and services
We have a planned communication and education program for each of our markets and key customers
We have a clearly defined documented sales process
We convert an excellent number of enquiries into orders.
The sales team is responsible and accountable for regular sales forecasts
We have a documented process for add-on sales that the sales team is well trained in.
Leads, conversions, pipeline and transactions are continuously tracked
Processes are documented, trained and where possible computerised
We measure activity and productivity at each stage of our operations
Each team, whether they are in admin, service or a production area thinks ‘lean’.
All teams are aware of the value they add for our customers, they openly discuss improvements they could make.
Our work is error free, nothing is redone or substandard.
Suppliers are routinely paid on time to contract or agreement
Budgets are produced and performance is monitored against them.
Cashflow, P&L are generated and reviewed monthly
We have the cash to achieve our objectives
Account dept is well staffed and operates smoothly.