"Helping you find straightforward and accessible resources for your personal and professional development."

Here you will find short reviews of books, DVDs and other publications that may help you and your teams in their personal, business and organisational development. They have all helped us: they are characterised by being practical, relevant with just the right amount of theory! Oh they're easy to read too.

The majority are available through Amazon - just follow the link.


Marketing Judo - Building your business using brains not budget. John Barnes & Richard Richardson

Practical, short and so straightforward; but neither you or I thought of it! A short read if you're wanting to set up a business or even improve a current one. You can easily dip into it to pull out the nuggets.

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Sales in a Beermat. Mike Southon & Chris West

If you are an out and out salesman not the book for you; but if you're part of a smaller organisation and sales is key but a part time role and not your sole responsibility, this will expose you to the principle concepts to guide and inspire. The lessons are straightforward- you can read it in an evening or dip into it for reminders. One of the worthy ‘Beermat’ series.

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Zapp! The Lightning of Empowerment. William C Byham

Getting on a bit now but as relevant as ever for managers and supervisors in either production, service or office environments. Helps you understand and correct the bottlenecks of team & self improvement in a lively format- an easy 'novel-like' read in 2-3 evenings.

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