The Top Team Company coaches and advisors have been chosen to assist in the delivery of the new Growth Acclerator services.

WHAT IS IT? This is the government supported scheme recently launched & run nationally by the Consortium of Winning Pitch, Grant Thornton, PERA & Oxford Innovation. It is designed to assist ambitious bosses of SMEs achieve an annual perforrmance growth for their company of 20%.

SMEs GROW & THE ECONOMY GROWS That is the simple principle behind the part funding for the Growth Accelerator service.It smooths thr way for high growth -potential businesses to grow faster and higher.

START-UP? MICRO? ESTABLISHED SME? We are herre to help drive these businesses faster. Our coaches have proven track records of helping leaders of SMEs to focus on the bigger picture and to gain impressive results in hungry companies.

Does your company have this potential? We are focussed in helping Consumer Goods,Manufacturers, Engineering, Professional Services, Leisure & Web-based companies.

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The Top Team scores 5 star approval for service delivery.


Following a rigorous approval process by The Business & Enterprise Group, The Top Team have been awarded 5 Star rating for the delivery of funded leadership and management support across the North West

In July 2011, the Business & Enterprise Group was appointed by the Government-based Skills Funding Agency to manage delivery of the Leadership and Management Advisory Service across the North West of England.

Top Team Partner Ian Franks says:

"The application and approval process covered everything from our
experience and history through to insurance and references.
It was a comprehensive review of the services offered by The Top Team
which makes the high rating we achieved even more satisfying".

If you are a North West based business with less 2 to 249 employees who would like to find out more, please get in touch

PLEASE NOTE: We can also access similar funding for companies based in Yorkshire and the East Midlands


Up to £1000 grant support available for SME businesses


Grant support of up to £1,000 is available to SME business across the North West, Yorkshire and the East Midlands to enhance the leadership and management skills of business leaders and owners.

Funding is available to businesses, including social enterprises that employ 2 to 249 people and can demonstrate the potential for high or fast growth.

Funded is supplied by the Skills Funding Agency through the Leadership and Management Advisory Service and The Top Team can deliver a wide range of training, mentoring and management development services with support from the fund.

Programmes developed and delivered by The Top Team to date include:

  • Developing an effective personal leadership and management style (e.g. strategic thinking; effective communication)
  • Creating a joint enterprise culture with the workforce (e.g. working culture; relationships; managing conflict)
  • Planning and developing an effective organisation and teams (e.g. recruitment/selection; team building; conveying vision; objective setting)
  • Leading and managing high employee performance (e.g. employee motivation; delivering value; learning & development).
  • Training which impacts directly on the performance of the whole organisation and its capacity to grow (e.g Financial Planning, Business Strategy)

If you feel your business could benefit for any of the above, or you would like to discuss other areas of management development training for your business, please Contact The Top Team for a no-obligation discussion.

The programme is scheduled to run until April 2012 but operates on a First Come, First Served basis so it is possible funding may dry up earlier

All funding is offered on a 50:50 match funding basis up to a maximum of £1000
Key eligibility criteria include:
• You must be a private sector company or social enterprise based in the North West, Yorkshire or East Midlands with between two and 249 full time employees

• If you have been trading for more than 12 months you should be able to see the potential to increase your turnover and/or your number of employees by 60% (30% for social enterprises) over the next three years.

• If you have been trading for less than 12 months, you should be able to see the potential to achieve a turnover of £500,000 by the end of year three.


The Top Team Company receives MAS Accreditation


The Top Team Company are pleased to announce that they have received full accreditation from MAS East Midlands.  We will be working with MAS to deliver all the services that they provide.

We aim to bring real focus and step-improvements to our clients; enhancing both their teams and the processes with each organisation. The Top Team Company is looking forward to working with MAS to create the star enterprises that are critical to the economic success of the region.

The Top Team Company New Website


The Top Team Company are pleased to announce the launch of their new website.  The Top Team Company are creators of star enterprises, teams and individuals- achieved through managment coaching, management training and management advice.

THe website was designed and developed by 'ahoy creative', a design agency based just outside Manchester.  The brief that we worked up with them was to design a fun and informative website which would ensure the TopTeam Company stood out from their competitors.


The aim of the website is to create a user-friendly site which conveys the feel of the how the business and its team think and operate.  We have a new business healthcheck feature which will be a great way of finding out how you stand and where you could benefit from the help of The Top Team Company.  Take a look and do the test today!