Reconnaissance's absolute focus is outbound business to business telemarketing services - essentially three core services

  • Sales development
  • Marketing Research
  • Recruitment


Sales Development

You and your sales team may be great at progressing relationships and securing the sale of your product or service. But finding sufficient new prospects and nurturing them to the point of ‘qualified lead' may be outside your teams, cost or time parameters or even their skills.

Reconnaissance will generate qualified leads for you; we can quickly become part of your team- outsourcing that is known only to you. We'll work with you understand your business and develop the compelling sales messages.


Under sales development services we provide are:-

  • Appointment making
  • Sales lead generation
  • Email monitoring and follow up
  • Direct mail follow up

Marketing Research

We will develop tailor-made results-orientated projects, designed to meet your specific business objectives.

Database development: We'll understand your business and ensure your lists contain the really appropriate decision makers for your product or service.

Customer surveys: As a 'Mystery shopper' we'll uncover how you are viewed relative to your competitors and work with you to improve and monitor the progress.


New product development: we'll help you uncover potential ways forward.

  • Who and where your customers are
  • What they want from you
  • How best to communicate with them
  • What are the key issues that prompt them to buy


The development and progression of existing teams is the number 1 priority for the significant and sustainable improvement for any organisation, business or department.

However the introduction of new talent either as part of, or to lead the team can bring new ideas and experiences, new direction and impetus.


Recruitment in the smaller organisation is a particular challenge - the key issue being summed up as 'Will they fit in?'

  • At what seniority level do you recruit?
  • At what salary level?
  • Will they gel within the 'culture'?
  • Where do you start?
  • Are costs prohibitive?

The Top Team Company will work with you or your management to understand your organisation's goals, culture and team ethic. We'll assist in your needs analysis and develop a brief to define your requirement. We'll then deliver against that brief.

Using psychometric tests as appropriate we can put before you suitable shortlist of candidates for your final decision. We can do this at a cost and in a timescale that will be surprisingly realistic: a professional service tailored for your size of operation.

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